Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 8/31/22

More TV news yesterday. The Goldbergs will kill off the dad off camera and the show will start months after his death. So, no more editing in old footage of Jeff Garlin to make it look like the dad is participating in a conversation. Now, on to the lineup.


8pm – Big Brother

9pm – The Challenge: USA


8pm – Stargirl – the season premiere

9pm – Wellington Paranormal

9:30pm – Wellington Paranormal – the season finale


8pm – MasterChef – a two-hour episode


8pm – America’s Got Talent

Various Non-Streaming Options

Court Cam is on A&E at 8 and 8:30 followed by Court Night Live at 9.

Haus of Vicious is on BET at 8 followed by Sacrifice at 9 and 10.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is on Bravo at 8 followed by Real Housewives of Dubai at 9.

Expedition Unkown is on Discovery at 8 followed by Tales from the Explorers Club at 9.

grown-ish is on Freeform at 10 followed by Everything’s Trash at 10:30.

Welcome to Wrexham is on FX at 10 and 10:30.

Archer is on FXX at 10.

The premiere of Guy’s Ultimate Game Night is on Food Network at 9 followed by the premiere of No Recipe Road Trip with The Try Guys at 10. The Try Guys are a comedy group, They will be traveling the US trying to create dishes without being given a recipe.

Farmhouse Fixer is on HGTV at 8 and 9 followed by House Hunters at 10.

In With the Old is on Magnolia at 8.

Forged in Fire is on History at 8.

America’s National Parks is on National Geographic at 8 and 9 followed by America the Beautiful at 10.

Resident Alien is on Syfy at 10.

Tater’s Thoughts

We just finished watching the last season of Stargirl a couple of weeks ago. It will be nice to start the new one so soon after finishing the last one.

We still watch and enjoy The Challenge. I’m sure that the people we want to lose will win the whole thing.

Resident Alien is still one of our favorite shows.


4 thoughts on “Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 8/31/22

  1. Good you got to see Stargirl recently. I have to do a bit of “research” to help me remember where we left off. I have a feeling based on new ownership at the CW this will be the final season, but we’ll be watching nonetheless. Resident Alien is a blast and I try to recommend it whenever I can.

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      1. Agreed on that. We are huge Supernatural fans so we are looking forward to The Winchesters in October. Not sure about the Walker prequel. That doesn’t really interest us at this point, but we’ll watch a couple of episodes to see whether or not it will “stick.”

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