Tater on TV: Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 3

Episode 3 of Tales of the Walking Dead aired last night on AMC. After two weeks of new characters and new directions, we go back to an origin story of an existing character.

Samantha Morton stars as Dee, who we all know from The Walking Dead as Alpha, leader of The Whisperers. In this episode, Dee and Lydia are one year removed from living in the basement with Dee’s husband. The basement where Dee slowly lost her mind and killed her husband. They are now living on a riverboat run by a woman named Brooke. The riverboat seems like paradise with fancy dinners and aerobics classes. Lydia is enchanted with the beautiful Brooke. Dee senses something is off. When Dee is proven correct, she flees the boat with Lydia. The episode ends with The Whisperers finding them.

I was very bored with this episode. I enjoyed getting different stories in the first two episodes. I liked the Groundhog Day story in episode two. It was different. This was the same old same old with a character I didn’t like when she was the villain in the main show. There was no sense of danger or worry about Dee or Lydia. We know they survive. We know who they become. This would have been OK as a flashback story when she was the villain. It was not great as a standalone episode after the fact.

I’m happy to say next week we go back to new characters and a different story.


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