My First Medium Fight and Block

If you follow my blog here you know that every Friday I post my week in books, movies, and TV. I have also started posting it on Medium as well. Usually, it is ignored. This week it was not.

I commented on a post recently where another Medium author wrote about quitting Medium because no one read her posts. Another person had commented multiple times about how he had tried to reach out and comment and how she ignored him and if that is how she treats people that is likely why she is ignored. This person followed me and I followed them after this thread.

Then, on my post about what I read and watched he commented that he had never heard of the TV shows I watch because TV is meaningless and not worthy of his time. On a post about TV from someone who writes a lot about TV. Why are you even here?

I should have just ignored it, but instead, I said I wasn’t sure how to respond to someone who comments that my interest is meaningless and not worthy of their time.

He replied that he didn’t know what I meant.

I replied that his comment on my post about TV said it was meaningless and worthless.

He repsonded by claiming I called him meaningless and worthless and said that if this is how I treat people who SUBSCRIBE TO ME BY EMAIL it is no wonder I am unsuccessful on Medium.

I responded again that it was obvious I was talking about his comment calling my TV shows meaningless and worthless, not to tell me one comment is the obvious reason I’m unsuccessful, and to please feel free to unfollow.

He responded in the affirmative about unfollowing and I blocked him because he seems the type to float around Medium making comments like this.

How’s your Saturday going?


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