Some Random Thoughts on Various Topics

I have a few thoughts in my head, but none seem to work for a post alone, so here are a few of them together.

The Today Show did a big piece on people regretting being a part of ‘The Great Resignation” as they discovered the grass was not greener on the other side. At the end of the piece where they made it sound like a majority of the people had regrets, they said that 75% of people are happier after resigning. So, they did a bug piece about a minority percentage of the people who had a negative take instead of talking to the majority who are happier. Seems dumb.

Speaking of resigning – the actor who plays Jonathon Kent on Superman & Lois said he quit the show for mental health reasons and may never return to acting. Good for him. I know it was hard for me to leave my random, anonymous job for mental health reasons. I can’t imagine doing it in such a public career.

I was reminded yesterday of the time I complained about something Biden said or did and the person I was talking to responded with “Would you rather have Trump?” like I’m not allowed to complain about Biden unless I am Team Trump. I hate team politics. When I take the quizzes during election years to see who I should vote for I never get the major parties. I always match with a third-party candidate. I don’t get the “must obey the party no matter what” attitude that has taken over politics. I can disagree with both sides equally.

And now I’ve run out of thoughts. That happens regularly these days.


12 thoughts on “Some Random Thoughts on Various Topics

  1. I totally agree with you in that I am regularly stumped by articles and reports where they focus on the opposite of what the statistics prove. Is it something to do with the current reaction against expertise? I don’t know. In some areas we actively seek out the most expert, and yet in others we seem to want to knock them for their expertise. I am unable to understand the fluctuating behaviour.

    Interesting thoughts Tater, thanks 🙂

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  2. I recall a time where there was intelligent debate at all levels of politics, and then regardless of any party affiliation voters might have, they voted for the candidates who they thought were the best choice according to what concerns or issues they found to be important. Those days are long gone, at least for now. The Today Show piece…one day you’ll read a headline one way, and the next day the headline is headed the other way. Stories are designed to keep people clicking and watching, waiting to see their thoughts being “confirmed” just by being mentioned. They mention one side and then cover the other, pandering to both.

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