Tater on TV: Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 2

Episode 2 of Tales of the Walking Dead aired on AMC last night and it was something completely different than anything we have seen in the Walking Dead universe so far.

Blair/Gina stars Jillian Bell as a disgruntled receptionist and Parker Posey as her overbearing boss in Atlanta at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. It is early enough into the rising of the dead that no one knows what is happening. Blair and Gina end up at the same gas station where Gina surprised Blair by pulling out a shotgun and attempting to steal a gas truck.

The was an odd episode. It was a Happy Death Day/Groundhog Day type of story. Gina and Blair die at the gas station and then wake up back at the office where they were at the beginning of the episode. They eventually have to work together to figure out how to stop the cycle.

It wasn’t a bad episode. I enjoy time loop movies and TV shows. Posey and Bell were good in their roles. I like that they are using the anthology to try different types of stories. I would not watch another episode with these characters or this story. It was good as a one-off in an anthology but would be terrible as a TV show by itself.

Next week we get back to familiar territory with Dee with Samantha Morton returning as the character who would eventually become Alpha.


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