Fall Feels Like Time For New Beginnings

I know the standard thought process is that Spring is the time for newness. Winter is over. Days are longer. Trees and flowers are blooming. It’s a time for new life.

For me, fall feels like a new start.

When I was a kid, the end of summer meant back to school. New school supplies. Maybe new clothes. New teachers. Seeing friends I don’t see in the summer. Maybe new kids. Endless possibilities to maybe not be the weird, quiet kid(it never happened).

Fall after high school was the beginning of college. A new place. New freedoms. New friends. A chance to grow.

Then, I had kids and it started all over again. Fall meant back-to-school shopping. New teachers, In one case, a new elementary school.

Then, we had two falls of kids heading off to college. The last time, it meant a transition to an empty nest.

At the library, fall meant a reprieve from the stress of the busy summer and scheduling around summer vacations.

Now, both kids are in grad school and I am no longer at the library. There are no new beginnings. My life next month will be the same as it is now,

I think this is why I feel like the world is moving forward and I’m going nowhere. We are back to normal, but my new normal is the same as my old normal.

I miss the anticipation of what comes with the new school year.


7 thoughts on “Fall Feels Like Time For New Beginnings

  1. I always felt like Fall was the time of new beginnings, too. Along with my kids’ school, swim season started after a full two weeks break. The kids would learn if they moved up in a new group and the parents volunteering would begin at swim meets.

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  2. I like fall, not because of fond memories of what a new school year brought, but because of the relief from the oppressive heat of summer. Of course now, living where I do, it announces the arrival of the stink bugs and lady beetles, who come inside to die. Mixed emotions for me, obviously. Hahahahahaha. So I guess there’s an aspect of “new” in there. Maybe you’ll be experiencing new things in the life of the horses farm where you volunteer. I would imagine fall brings changes there too.

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  3. I too consider Fall a new beginning. I never liked school much, so I am definitely grateful those school days are far away in the rear view mirror. I always look forward to the changing leaves, the cooler temperatures, the fall sports fully underway…Fall and Winter are my two favorite seasons. This will be the first fall since my “first” retirement at the end of May, and I am looking forward to that new normal!

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