Social Media Tater

The above post popped up in my Facebook memories today. It is from the time when once a week my branch at my old job was in charge of social media posts. It was one of the few things I enjoyed about the last few years there. They eventually ruined that as well. More on that later.

I created the above post when people were posting all sorts of cafeteria table questions like this on Twitter. I could not find a book one so I created one myself. It was also tweeted and then I tagged a lot of the authors when I retweeted it. The authors started sharing and commenting, It was my most successful social media post.

I did other things I thought were fun. I used the “change my mind’ thing to start a discussion of movies that were better than the book. We did play on a scene from My Cousin Vinny to promote ukes. and I did a picture with me and a” groundhog” driving my car for Groundhog Day. I used a website to make library versions of popular memes. I used the GIF below to promote a teen-type class, but for adults. I had fun at work for a change.

And then the person in charge of social media told me I was no longer allowed to use GIFs and memes or anything else that was not an image owned by the library. I still tried to have fun with it. That was when we did the My Cousin Vinny thing and the groundhog picture, but it was clear they really just wanted boring ads for library classes. As with everything else there, the people in charge sucked the fun out of it.

It was good while it lasted.

Also, where you sitting?


8 thoughts on “Social Media Tater

  1. At the NK Jemisin, Liu Cixin, and John Scalzi, of course. Jemisin and Scalzi are the reason. Your former library sucked the fun out of everything.

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  2. That sounds like it was fun! My daughter had a job she loved where she was in charge of social media. She was getting lots of likes and clicks because she had fun with it, too. But it wasn’t “corporate” enough. She lost the job during COVID when they almost went out of business.

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