Some Medium Drama

Yesterday I saw an article on Medium entitled “Why I Am Shocked By this Move By One Particular Publication” For the most part, I have stopped reading anything like this. I’m tired of all of the posts there of people complaining about Medium. Same as I tire of people tweeting about how much they hate Twitter. Unless it is your job, you don’t have to use Medium or Twitter, You could just stop,

Anyway, for some reason, I clicked on the story and saw it was about a publication that had published some of my articles. In fact, it was the first publication I had ever submitted work to when one of their editors asked me to contribute an article in response to their weekly book prompts. The book prompts went away, but I still occasionally submitted my articles to them.

The article above talked about how they had published an article titled “Why I Hate LGBTQ Community” and was filled with poor grammar, bad formatting, and no real argument besides the author feeling bullied into supporting people in the LGBTQ community.

It seemed odd for this publication to accept such an article. Commenters assumed it was a rogue editor who published it without the owner’s knowledge. There were calls for an apology.

And then someone commented that the article is gone, but so is the entire publication and the owner’s personal account. No one knows if the owner deleted everything themselves or if Medium suspended them. I’m assuming the owner nuked it all rather than deal with the backlash. I’m also thinking it might all be reactivated once the owner has had a chance to think about the appropriate way to respond.

Luckily, all of the articles of mine they published are still there. They now show up as self-published instead of attached to the publication.

That is one of the dangers of having a larger publication with multiple editors. It is too easy for an editor to approve an article like this without the owner’s knowledge. Of course, it is possible Winston knew and approved, but it seems unlikely.

If my publication ever has any other writers besides me I would be hesitant to add editors I didn’t know and trust for this reason. All of the work gone in an instant with one bad decision.


17 thoughts on “Some Medium Drama

  1. Even WordPress is going wokie. I have had two of my post removed by WP. I emailed them about the removal and received no reply; so don’t think the other sites will not do the same. Free speech is not for everyone these days. It’s all “very odd” and alarming. Tumbler and Pinterest is as bad, and Facebook??? pure 1930s Nazi behavior. I tried a few other blog sites early on and they are not even close to the WordPress, so I guess I will be here for a while. I’ve had other blogger re-blog my post and even received and email from an irate reader that saw it on another blog. I don’t mind being barked at cause I bite back. This Medium thing may not be for you. Best Wishes Tater.


  2. I’ve seen a lot of articles about Medium being stupid. I only read titles a lot of times since I don’t pay to read more than 3 a month but I’m tired of seeing them

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    1. Unfortunately, too many people have decided that writing about Medium is the way to get reads I. Medium and the place is full of them. I wish the publications would stop accepting them then maybe we would see less of it.

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