I Need To Go Somewhere

My Facebook memories and Timehop have been full of pictures from my previous trips. Zambia, Arizona, NYC, etc.

My wife and daughter were just in LA for 6 days. My wife presented at a conference and they spent the rest of the time as tourists.

I’ve been to Kentucky. Kentucky is nice and I love time with family, but a visit to Kentucky is not the same as a trip.

My next scheduled time out of town? Kentucky again for a wedding.

The next trip after that? Kentucky for Christmas.

Since everyone else in the family has traveled and likely will travel again before Christmas I feel like I am on my own in the need to get out of here.

I need to take notes on the Richmond episode of 101 Places to Party tonight and drive down some day.

I need to hop on a bus and head to NYC even if it is just for the day.

I need to make the drive east to the ocean.

I just need to go somewhere.


3 thoughts on “I Need To Go Somewhere

  1. I feel the timing has to be right. This summer was hot for travelling. I got a lot done over the summer and will be happy to travel nearby to smaller areas in Florida for the holidays (christmas)

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