I wrote before about how I needed to adjust my writing schedule because of my new barn schedule. I have not done that, so I have multiple days a week when I don’t write anything besides my TV post. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but my weeks seem off without my routine.

Other things have also made it hard to get into a routine.

I spent a week in Kentucky in June while my family stayed in Maryland.

My daughter bounced back and forth from our house and her apartment in June.

The entire family went to Kentucky for a week in July.

My wife and daughter went to California a couple of days after we returned from Kentucky.

I spent 9 days with no air conditioning which meant 9 days of sitting in front of the fan and trying not to do too much.

It also meant 9 days of sleeping on the couch downstairs in front of the fan instead of a bed. Sleep was hard to come by.

My daughter is now officially moved back home.

My wife is still working mainly from home.

In a week my daughter starts working and will be out of the house most days.

In a month she starts grad school and will be out of the house for class two days a week.

I’m hoping once she starts work we can settle into more of a routine.


7 thoughts on “Routineless

  1. Routines will come for me when the school year starts-training next Tuesday. Till then, I am enjoying no routine except for my chair yoga class, shopping for school lunches, and making dinner for the husband, walking the pug, etc. and trying to lighten up. I think the year will have challenges but so will everyone else be challenged!

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  2. Maybe think of this as your summer vacation from routine. It’s a time to reflect and relax, go with the flow, and see what inspires you for September.

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  3. My wife and I have an opposite situation from you in terms of a lot going on in the summer. I just retired at the end of May. (We’ll see how that goes…may just be the first retirement) Wife is still working from home, which she started right after the pandemic, and will not need to return to her office. Since I was also working from home when the pandemic started, we already always had our weekdays planned out since it is just the two of us…she gets the first floor, I get the second. It sound like you’ll settle into a much better routine going forward.

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