14 Years of Blogging and an Air Conditioning Update

I have not yet received a notification from WordPress, but Timehop tells me that today is the 14th anniversary of starting this blog.

Edit – just got the notification

Last year when I celebrated my blogiversary I was also celebrating my 1500th post. This will be post 2095.

I now have 1171 followers on WordPress. That’s 83 for each year of blogging. When you add in social media followers it goes up to 1360.

Those numbers aren’t great for 14 years, but the first 9 years I didn’t post regularly and didn’t follow many people. Also, I’m much better at vomiting rambling posts on here than I am at building a following.

Thanks to everyone who takes a couple of minutes out of their day to read my posts. I appreciate it.

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Now, the AC update

I left for the barn at 6:30 am and told my wife I was not coming home until the AC was fixed. I called when I left the barn at 9:30 and she told me they were there and working on it.

I went to the library to return books and pick up some holds. I called when I got close to home to check on the progress. Still not done.

I went to Panera and got a cup of coffee and a bear claw. I tried to get into In Cold Blood so I’m not frantically trying to finish on the day of book club. I spent more time scrolling through my phone.

At 11:30 I checked in again. My wife said she thought they were getting close to done. I left Panera and wandered through a few stores. I went to another library and browsed around a bit.

At 1:30 she tells me that they had to go back to the shop to get ductwork before they could finish. I gave up and went home. I spent the afternoon sitting in front of the fan as I have for the past 9 days.

At 7 pm they finally finished and the new AC is up and running.

It’s amazing how cold 70 feels when you have been living consistently in the mid to upper 80s.


5 thoughts on “14 Years of Blogging and an Air Conditioning Update

  1. I’ve been blogging for twelve years. Two on another platform and ten on WordPress. If our AC went out we would sweltering and most likely expiring in the 102-108 heat here in Fort Worth Texas area. Summer here last about 8 months, with a week or two of fall and a week or so of spring. My parents should have picked a better state to live in.

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  2. It is funny how that happens isn’t it? My Mum felt cold when the temperature dropped 10 degrees C mid-week and demanded a cardigan from my sister as she’d forgotten to bring one of her own. She also grumped at me for persuading her to wear her (comfortable) open toe sandals rather than her (uncomfortable) closed shoes. Oh the joys of being old 😉

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