Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 7/22/22

I am writing this Thursday evening since I am picking people up at the airport at 1 am and then have to be up for a 7 am barn shift. I usually use the grid in the newspaper to see what is on so everything is close to alphabetical order. Today will be more like my Sunday posts without a grid where everything is in the order they are in my FIOS guide.


9pm – Blood and Treasure – this is a Paramount Plus show now. CBS is only showing the season 3 premiere and then it is streaming only.


8pm – WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Various Non-Streaming Options

The Great American Recipe is on PBS. Check local listings for times.

The Track and Field World Championships is on USA at 8.

Gold Rush is on Discovery at 8 followed by Outback Opal Hunters at 10.

Maui Shark Mystery: Extra Bite is on National Geographic at 8 followed by the season premiere of Cesar Milan: Better Human Better Dog at 9 and 10.

Ancient Aliens is on History at 9.

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives is on Food Network at 9.

My Lottery Dream Home is on HGTV at 9.

Making Modern with Brooke and Brice is on Magnolia at 8.

The Rehearsal is on HBO at 11.

Tater’s Thoughts

I would not be happy if I was someone who watched season one of Blood and Treasure and saw the season two premiere on CBS and assumed that meant I could watch the entire series on network TV.

Eventually, we will watch The Great American Recipe.


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