My Less Than Stellar Start to the Day

With the heat, my dog has been more active at night and starts trying to wake me up at 3 am. Add that to the heat, and sleep is not easy. I finally gave up on sleep at 5:30 and went out on the deck for coffee since it was cooler outside than in the house. That was the good part of the morning.

After I finished my coffee, read the paper, and did the TV post, I decided to get a few things done while it was still relatively cool in the house. By cool, I mean 83 according to my thermostat.

I started with cleaning the cats’ litterbox. Seemed easy enough until I found that there was urine pooled under the litterbox as well as in it. This meant also now cleaning the bottom of the litterbox and cleaning urine off the bathroom floor. What fun.

Tomorrow is garbage pickup day so I also wanted to get all of the trash out to the can in the garage so it would be easy to drag out to the curb when I left for the airport tonight. I pulled the bag out of the can in the kitchen and headed for the garage. Right before I got out the door, some sort of liquid started leaking from the bag. I was not lucky enough for it to be just melted ice I missed from a drink. No. it was some sort of rancid-smelling liquid. I suspect the cause was something I threw out yesterday thinking it would be fine in the kitchen can until this morning. I was wrong.

So, now I’m taking the can to the curb to keep the smell out of the garage. The bag leaked again in the garage and on the way to the street. So, now, I am cleaning this up from the laundry room floor and the garage and spraying air freshener to try to get rid of the smell.

When I went upstairs to take a shower at 8 I was already dripping with sweat.

I took the dog for a walk after the shower and that was actually nice. thee was a decent breeze and it isn’t terribly hot outside yet.

Now, I only plan. to move again to maybe go get lunch out and to head to the basement once the heat gets too bad upstairs.


7 thoughts on “My Less Than Stellar Start to the Day

  1. Husband is in the heat now gardening. It is too hot out there but his energy and motivation are high in the morning. I took the pug for a walk and he walked for a short time. I hope you get your ac fixed. Wall units are a good investment.

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      1. We have two as our ac needs to be repaired and we are waiting. They keep the house at 72 (the rooms we use). And we are in Florida. They are in back rooms and not near the street.

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  2. Ugh. At least you don’t have anything else essential to do until you leave for the airport (and go out for lunch) and can remain immobile in the basement.

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  3. It can only get better, right? You got the awful stuff out of the way. I woke up at 4:30 a.m. and couldn’t go back to sleep. I was listening to my book club book last night on Audible because the actual book won’t be here until tomorrow. I instantly fell asleep at around 7:30 p.m. So I was up at 4:30.

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