Misery Loves Company

If you’ve read my blog lately you have seen all of my whining about me having no air conditioning until Friday. We are heading into two very hot days because of course we couldn’t get two cooler days to help me out. Dealing with this is bad enough, being home alone with it makes it harder for various reasons.

Misery Loves Company

It’s hard for people who are not here with me to understand how I feel. The three days my wife and daughter were here made it a little easier because I was dealing with it with other people. Also, my wife hates the heat more than I do, so in comparison, it wasn’t that bad for me. Alone is harder. I can complain, but no one is here to hear it or care.

Closing Up the House If I Leave

When others were home I could leave the windows open and the fans running when I left for barn shifts or errands. Now that I’m alone I have to close up the house and turn the fans off if I leave. The last two days I had to leave at 6:30 AM, so I had to close the house up while it was still cool outside meaning the house would heat up faster.

The Pets

I feel like I shouldn’t leave for extended periods because of the pets. I don’t want to close up the house and let it heat up too much since I have two cats and a dog in the house. Also, I have to check on the cats periodically since they insist on staying upstairs where it is hotter. I make sure they have plenty of water and I have to search for them when they hide in some weird place to stay cool. When my wife is home they will follow her to the basement when she goes down there to work.


I have no one to talk to. I go to the barn, stop for a cold drink, and then go home. Today and tomorrow I have no barn shifts. I might run to the library to return books and pick up more, but I will limit how long I am gone for the reason in the pets section. So, I will sit on the couch in front of the fan and try to find something to watch that helps my mood.

Misery loves company. I have the misery. I lack the company.


15 thoughts on “Misery Loves Company

  1. Our vacation to the cool mountains was perfect in the mornings and miserable in the afternoons. It hit over 90s degrees and the VRBO didn’t have AC. We’d leave the windows open at night and close them at the last minute in the morning before it heated up. I understand how miserable you must be with no AC.

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  2. There is something soul-destroying and sapping about heat and sitting in front of a fan in a hopeless attempt to feel less rubbish. Having lived overseas, the best advice is to close windows and drapes to keep the hot air out, and only open them when what’s outside is cooler than what’s inside. But that’s so deeply depressing too – sitting in the dark in front of a fan… I feel your pain Tater. Roll on that AC install eh?

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    1. Yesterday was the first day I switched to closing the windows and the drapes/blinds since it was the hottest day so far. I will be doing it again today and then probably retreating to my basement for the day. It’s just miserable. I pick my wife and daughter up at the airport tonight. Since they will be home I think I will tell them to text me when the ac is working tomorrow and I will go somewhere cool after the barn.

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