Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 7/18/22

I once again did not write anything in advance so if there is a second, non-TV post today it will be after my barn shift. Or I might do what I did yesterday which was a whole lot of nothing, Now, the lineup.


8pm – The Bachelorette

10pm – Claim to Fame


8pm – Roswell, New Mexico

9pm – In the Dark


8pm – Don’t Forget the Lyrics

9pm – Beat Shazam


8pm – Ameican Ninja Warrior

Various Non-Streaming Options

Intervention is on A&E at 9 followed by Digital Addiction at 10.

Better Call Saul is on AMC at 9.

Below Deck Mediterranean is on Bravo at 8 followed by Watch What Happens Live at 9.

Street Outlaws: Endgame is on Discovery at 8.

The Home Run Derby is on ESPN and ESPN2 at 8.

BBQ USA is on Food Network at 9.

The Great Giveback with Melissa McCarthy and Jenna Perusich is on HGTV at 9.

Van Go is on Magnolia at 8 and 8:30 followed by Maine Cabin Masters at 9.

Irma Vep is on HBO at 9 followed by Mind Over Murder at 10.

Modern Marvels is on History at 8 followed by Fast History Of at 10 and 10:30.

Shark Attack Files is on National Geographic at 8 and 9 followed by World’s Biggest Hammerhead? at 10.

Rich & Shameless is on TNT at 9.

Tater’s Thoughts

I might watch something like the home run derby or Don’t Forget the Lyrics if I don’t have the energy to focus on a show with a plot.

I saw the end of last week’s Claim to Fame last night while waiting to read during Celebrity Family Feud. It was odd. Relatives of famous people living in a house and at the end of each episode the person who comes in last in a challenge had to guess someone’s relative. If they guess right the person goes home. If they guess wrong they go home. In the first episode, Chuck Norris’ grandson was kicked out for smuggling a phone into the house.


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