Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 7/12/22

Last day of vacation. I once again slept another hour after thinking I would rest a second before getting out of bed. Typing this on my phone because my MIL’s terrible WiFi is not working at all this morning.


8pm – Holey Miley

9pm – The Chase

10pm – Who Do You Believe?


9pm – Tom Swift


8pm – America’s Got Talent

10pm – Dancing With Myself

Various Non-Streaming Options

America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston is on PBS at 9 followed by The Great Muslim Road Trip at 10.

Bobby Brown: Every Little Step is on A&E at 9 followed by Origins of Hip Hop at 10.

The Family Business is on BET at 9.

Below Deck Down Under is on Bravo at 8 and 9 followed by Watch What Happens Live at 10.

Deadliest Catch is on Discovery at 8.

Celebrity Game Face is on E! At 9.

The season premiere of What We Do In The Shadows is on FX at 10 and 10:30.

Supermarket Stakeout is on Food Network at 9 followed by the season premiere of Kitchen Crash at 10.

Good Bones is on HGTV at 8 and 9 followed by House Hunters at 10.

Restoring Galveston is on Magnolia at 9.

Edge of the Earth is on HBO at 9.

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is on History at 8 and 9 followed by The Proof is Out There at 10.

When Sharks Attack is on National Geographic at 8 followed by Counting Jaws at 9 and Shark Superpower at 10.

All Rise is on OWN at 8.

Tater’s Thoughts

We will be driving all day. I’m not sure we will watch anything when we are home. If we do it will likely be All Rise.


6 thoughts on “Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 7/12/22

      1. It’s an mtv dating show. Bunch of people and theoretically everyone’s perfect match (computer wise) is there, and the goal is for all the participants to find there perfect match and then they all split a million dollars

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  1. We couldn’t get the wifi to work when we arrived on our vacation Friday. I spent two and half hours trying to add a Google mesh to the existing WIFI. My husband works remotely and he had to be up and running by Monday. It’s all peachy now!

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