Tater On TV: What’s on Tonight 7/6/22

Greetings from Kentucky! I’m looking forward to a week of doing as little as possible in houses that have air conditioning.

Here is what you will find on TV tonight.


8pm – Big Brother – the season premiere

9:30pm – The Challenge USA – former contestants from Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother, and Love Island compete.


8pm – Mysteries Decoded

9pm – Wellington Paranormal

Various Non-Streaming Options

The Green Planet is on PBS at 8.

Court Cam is on A&E at 9 and 9:30 followed by Neighborhood Wars at 10 and Road Wars at 10:30.

Sistas is on BET at 9 followed by All the Queen’s Men at 10.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is on Bravo at 8 followed by Real Housewives of Dubai at 9.

Crank Yankers is on Comedy Central at 8 and 8:30.

Expedition Unkown is on Discovery at 8.

Guy’s Grocery Games is on Food Network at 9.

Bargain Block is on HGTV at 9 followed by House Hunters at 10.

The Established Home is on Magnolia at 8.

Forged in Fire is on History at 9 followed by More Power at 10.

Tater’s Thoughts

Some of my favorite Survivor players will be on The Challenge USA so we will be watching that when we return. Not mush else of interest here.


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