A Day With Or More No AC

We noticed Friday that the house seemed a little warm. I checked the thermostat and it was warmer than it shold have been based on the AC settings.

I checked the vents and it seemed that cool air was blowing so we didn’t call anyone. We knew the AC was getting old and they had told us it might not cool as well as it used to.

Yesterday, we noticed water around the indoor unit again so we called the service company. It’s nice having a contract so you can get emergency service on a Sunday without paying a lot.

It turns out that the last time they were here they told my wife that our unit is so old they can no longer buy coolant for it. Since there was no coolant, the AC froze up and the water was from the ice melting. It is recommended we don’t use the AC again until we replace it as it will just freeze again.

So, we have had no AC since midday yesterday and since it is a holiday we can’t even schedule the replacement until tomorrow.

Luckily, We will not be in the house after tomorrow so today is the last full day of no AC and it isn’t supposed to be too hot. Who knows how many days of no AC we will have after we return.


7 thoughts on “A Day With Or More No AC

  1. We had a unit that would freeze in our old house. Once we’d turned it off and let the ice melt, it would work again. Also it was impacted with a bunch of leaves and debris. The AC company hosed it down and it worked well.

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    1. If we were going to be here I would probably risk it but since we are out of here tomorrow we will leave it off. If we are home for a while before we can schedule the new one I might turn it on here and there


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