Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 7/3/22

I’m not sure how much anyone watches TV over the holiday weekend, but I’m here for those who do.


7pm – 60 Minutes

8pm – 60 Minutes


7:30 PM – USFL Championship Game – Philadelphia vs Birmingham


7pm – Ukraine: Answering the Call – a fundraiser featuring musical performances, calls to action, and inspirational stories.

Various Non-Streaming Options

Hotel Portofino is on PBS at 8 followed by the finale of Endeavour at 9.

Animal Kingdom is on TNT at 9.

Naked and Afraid is on Discovery at 8.

Wicked Tuna is on National Geographic at 8 and 9 followed by Wild Fish at 10.

The Great Food Truck Race is on Food Network at 9 followed by Beachside Brawl at 10

Battle on the Beach is on HGTV at 9 followed by Beachfront Bargain Hunt at 10.

Below Deck Mediterranean is on Bravo at 9:30.

Dark Winds is on AMC at 9.

On the Premium Channels

Becoming Elizabeth is on Starz at 8 followed by Who is Ghislaine Maxwell at 9 and P-Valley at 10.

We Hunt Together is on Showtime at 8:15 followed by The Chi at 9 and the finale of The Man Who Fell to Earth at 10.

Westworld is on HBO at 9.

Tater’s Thoughts

We will check back into Hotel Portofino when my daughter is home again.

I’m enjoying Dark Winds.

My wife has decided she does not want to finish The Man Who Fell to Earth, so I will be watching that one alone at some point.


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