A 6 Month Check-In

Yesterday I published an article on Medium titled A 6 Month Check-In On My Reading Diversity in 2022. Spoiler – I have nost succeeded in diversifying my reading.

I looked today to see if I had posted goals or resolutions for the year. I did not.

I did find something I posted that was a one-year check-in after leaving my job. I did have a list of things I thought I should do moving forward. I succeeded in two of those and the others are things I no longer think are things I want.

A look at the two where I was successful.

Continue Writing Here and On Medium

I have published something here most days.

I’ve continued my daily What’s on TV article.

I have over 10,000 views so far this year.

I now have over 1000 followers.

I have been less consistent on Medium, but I have published regularly there.

I’m trying to get more writers for my publication, Reading is a Novel Idea.

I have earned $74. It’s not a lot but it is $74 more than I would have without Medium.

Regular Volunteer Hours at the Barn

I’m now volunteering three days a week.

I am now a facilities volunteer in addition to a barn volunteer.

I walk in now and people know my name.

People have started asking me if I have any interest in eventually being a barn lead(the person in charge of the barn and volunteers for a shift)

Final Thoughts

I feel like I have been successful in those two areas. The others had to do with getting a paying job. That might still be something in the future, but not a priority.


6 thoughts on “A 6 Month Check-In

  1. It just shows what we think we’ll want, isn’t always what turns out to be important later on. Nicely done on achieving the ones you really want, and in having the wisdom to see that the rest turned out to be not so important after all.

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