Tractor Time

I did not write anything yesterday to publish today, so, instead, please enjoy a picture of me on the tractor at the barn.

Also, a quick barn story. Yesterday, I was on the tractor hauling the water tank down to the fields when I noticed a goat had escaped its enclosure and was in the arena. I had to park the tractor and go chase the goat down to get it back where it belonged.

This is much more fun than library work.


9 thoughts on “Tractor Time

  1. The image of you chasing down a goat reminds me of a Bones episode where Aubrey has to chase a goat that’s possibly eaten evidence. Hahahahaha.

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  2. That does sound like a lot of fun. Himself has a fancy for a little orange Kubota tractor, so I’m not showing him the picture of your bigger green one 😀

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