A Positive Change?

Two houses on my street were sold recently. Both families moved out this weekend. One new family appears to already be moving into one of the houses.

I’m not sad that the two families moved. I barely knew them even though we have lived on the same street for years. I think I only talked to the one couple when we sold them the house. I talked to the guy who lived in the other house when I would walk my dog, but it was for less than a minute each time and just exchanging small talk.

We have had new families move in over the years. It’s been pretty much the same for all of them. We see them. We wave. We say hello if we pass each other when out, but we are no longer a street where neighbors socialize. Well, as far as I know. It’s possible they are having parties and just not inviting us. That has happened in the past.

I assume nothing will change with the new people moving in. We are a few houses down the street from the two houses, so it’s possible we may rarely see them.

There is a small part of me that is hopeful that I’m wrong. That we will have a chance to meet them. That we will have things in common. That we might become friends. That it won’t feel like we are living in isolation even though there are people all around us.

Maybe this change will be a positive one.


11 thoughts on “A Positive Change?

  1. We have lived here for awhile and know our neighbors. Some of the homes were handed down to sons, daughters, etc. Although we have a few rented homes, it is nice we know our neighbors to chit chat with them, etc. We know their stories and they know ours. Great neighborhood watch. I hope you make a few new friends.

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  2. We spent more time talking to our neighbors when we put the house up for sale, than we had in the prior 28 years. In our new neighborhood we are friends with two couples who invite us over and we reciprocate. The rest are “hi” as we pass them walking. I hope you get to know your new neighbors.

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  3. I remember my mom, a native NY City born and bred…the first thing she told me when I left for the city, “Get to know your neighbor.” That was good advice as it can make a difference.


  4. When Jane was little, I knew more of my neighbors. Then people moved, and I’m just not that outgoing I guess. Maybe you’ll get to know these new people a bit better.

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  5. We used to have some GREAT relationships with our neighbors but then….

    > The guy with mental health issues stirred up trouble (they have since moved)
    > A family lost their home to foreclosure.
    > There was a suicide
    > Four people succumbed to the ravages of old age
    > A job change that took a family of five

    The neighborhood looks and feels different. We are adjusting but we miss our old friends.


  6. I did not mean to sound judgmental in my second comment but I was thinking my mom was very wise in her way. Nowadays you would also do well to know about your neighbors but knowing about them and knowing them has helped me in some of the places I have been. Sometimes you need to be both friendly and streetwise. I envy my husband’s easy adaptability just like my moms to speak easily to others without intrusion but yet asking the right questions. It is definitely a skillset he picked up being part of a military family and moving often. I just sit back and pick up!

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