Wants vs Needs

I rarely spend money on myself.

For me, splurging is buying a drink at Starbucks and that has become very rare these days.

I already barely spent money on myself and I got even worse about it when I quit working. I don’t make money. so I don’t spend money.

I generally will spend money on myself only if it is something I need.

The problem – I don’t see most things as needs.

I have been working at the barn in an old pair of tennis shoes that are now falling apart. I had a pair of waterproof work boots in my cart at Walmart for weeks and never completed the order because I didn’t “need” them. I have them now because my wife completed the order and they arrived yesterday.

My only black suit is very old. I should buy a new one, but do I really “need” a new one if I rarely wear a suit?

My one pair of “good” jeans are old and raggedy but do I really “need” better jeans?

It’s always just easier for me to put anything I might want or need on my Christmas list instead of justifying to myself that I should spend the money.

I think it probably stems from growing up poor. When you grow up with no money you learn to make do with what you have.


12 thoughts on “Wants vs Needs

  1. There’s nothing wrong with making do with what you have. More people should ascribe to that philosophy. However, if you think you don’t deserve to have nice things, that’s a whole different story. It’s ok to have one nice suit, just in case, that will last for ten years, Ora good pair of shoes to wear at the barn because you enjoy doing it and having proper footwear is ok

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  2. I am the same way…and also grew up poor. The only thing I will now spend money on is shoes. I learned the hard way after having problems with my feet that I am way too poor to buy cheap shoes.

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  3. You’re allowed to replace worn items. It’s not extravagant. I try to get replacements when I see things getting tired/worn, rather than when they are unusable. This also goes for things that I might need occasionally and the current item is more than a little tired. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

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  4. Footwear – and the right footwear for your requirement – is key, but it’s something so many people skimp on even when they can afford to do otherwise. I have only a few pairs of shoes, but I buy for quality & comfort. Terry Pratchett’s character Vimes’s theory on boots has now been adopted by poverty campaigners here in the UK. But it is also a mindset problem, as much as one of lacking funds.

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