My Summer TV List

Now that I am out of the book world, instead of a summer reading list. I am making a summer TV list. I am a bit late but better late than never.

Here is a list of shows I want to try this summer.

  1. Umbrella Academy – The third season starts today. I feel like I watched an episode or two with my wife and then never went back. It’s one of those that were lost to the idea that I was waiting for her to watch with me when she didn’t want to watch it. On Netflix.
  2. Barry – This is another one I tried and didn’t give enough of a chance. My son loves it and I’ve heard the latest season is very good. On HBO MAX.
  3. Succession – I thought the previews for it looked boring, but it gets rave reviews. Also, I called that Nicholas Braun was going to be big back when he was in the Disney movies my kids liked. On HBO MAX
  4. Moon Knight – While I have not watched the Netflix Marvel shows, I have tried to keep current with the new shows on Disney Plus. I never got to this one and I’m always afraid the shows will have stuff in them that I will need to fully enjoy the next Marvel show or movie.
  5. Only Murders in the Building – I love Steve Martin and Martin Short. I love Selena Gomez. I’ve loved all of the interviews I’ve seen them do together. This show was made for me. I didn’t watch because the Hulu app was crap on my fire stick. Now it seems to work, so I need to watch this one.
  6. Station Eleven – Loved the book but never got around to the HBO MAX mini-series based on it. A limited series is nice. We need more of those.
  7. The Boys – Another one my son loves that I need to watch. I like superhero shows. I like darker shows. Seems perfect for me. Prime also sucks on my main TV so I am behind on shows there as well.
  8. Reacher – I actually liked the Tom Cruise movies, but I didn’t read the books so I didn’t care about the size issues. I do like the actor they picked for the show and it got good reviews. This is one my wife would probably want to watch, so it will be delayed, On Prime.
  9. 1883 – We love Yellowstone so we should watch the prequel. I tend to forget about the originals on Paramount Plus. This is another one my wife would want to watch with me.
  10. Ozark – I like Jason Bateman and people seemed surprised when I say I didn’t watch it. I guess I should give it a shot. On Netflix.

I will be home alone again for several days in July . I can probably finish at least one of these then. Any suggestions for which one to watch first?


10 thoughts on “My Summer TV List

  1. I want to see the Reacher show, but I don’t have Prime or whatever. I haven’t read all the books but I find them to be fun if you don’t want to think too much. Moon Knight is just plain weird. I was mixing the show up with the Morbius previews so I became very disappointed when I realized it was in fact not the one I was thinking about.

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  2. Reacher and Only Murders, definitely. I didn’t realize Umbrella Academy had another season. I watched the first two seasons and liked it a lot. I’ve been curious about Moon Knight, because it looks so weird.

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