The Best Laid Plans

This was the week I was going to start writing late morning or early afternoon. Instead, I am writing this real quick at 6 am before I head to the barn. Why?

When I got home from the barn yesterday I still had their keys in my pocket so I went back to return them.

I walked the dog.

It was the last day to get 100 bonus points for ordering ahead at Dunkin on a Monday so I decided to use that as an excuse to get an iced coffee.

I asked my daughter if she wanted one as well and then had to wait to go until after she got back from checking on her friend’s cat.

I decided to get a start on yard work in the interim instead of writing.

My wife asked me to stop at the grocery store since I would be out.

I watched a Rat in the Kitchen with my daughter instead of writing while I drank my coffee.

I spent the next two hours or so mowing the yard.

When I was done my wife and daughter were in the family room watching TV so I joined them.

I find it hard to write when others are up and about. If my daughter continues to be up and about at a reasonable time I will have to get over that.

Maybe next week will be the week I get on track with the new schedule – just in time for me to leave town again.


6 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans

  1. Sometimes life just interferes with one’s plans. That doesn’t mean you can’t start with part of your new schedule this week, maybe doing the TV post first thing and then finding a time in the afternoon to do another post to be scheduled?

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