My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 6/17/22

It was a big movie week for me and a slow book week. I can’t seem to find a balance.


I watched three movies this week.

Top Gun: Maverick – We went to see Top Gun Saturday morning. I loved the first movie and have been anxiously awaiting this one since it was announced. It did not disappoint. It was as good, if not better than the first one. Cruise is still great as Maverick. I liked Jennifer Connelly as the love interest. Miles Teller was the perfect choice for his role. It was good to see Val Kilmer back as Iceman. It had humor, action, and a love story. It was the perfect movie to get me back to the theater.

True Memoirs of an International Assassin – Kevin James plays an author who writes a book about an assassin. His publisher adds true to the title and markets it as nonfiction. He is assumed to be an assassin called The Ghost and is kidnapped by rebels who want him to kill the president of their country. I liked it. It had action and humor. The perfect mix for me. It was a reasonable length for what it was. If you like Kevin James, you will like it. If not, you should probably skip it. It is streaming on Netflix.

Grizzlies – Based on a true story. A rookie, white teacher is hired by a school in the remote arctic town of Kugluktuk. The town is plagued by one of the highest teen suicide rates in the world. He has trouble connecting with the Inuit students who don’t care about school at all. When one of his students dies, he introduces the kids to the sport of lacrosse as a way to help them cope. I’m a sucker for inspirational sports stories, so this was made for me. It’s sad. It’s a little slow. But, it is very good. it is streaming on Netflix.


My daughter being home has changed our TV viewing habits. We are now watching shows like Weakest Link, The Chase, Beat Shazam, Don’t Forget the Lyrics, America’s Got Talent, and Rat in the Kitchen. It may be a while before we get back to scripted shows.

We have now watched all three of the audition episodes of America’s Got Talent. There are so many good acts and they keep using their golden buzzers on singers. It’s disappointing.

The new Chasers on The Chase are good but too nice.

I am watching Sweet Magnolias on Netflix when I am alone. I love the small town, sappy shows for some reason.


I did not finish a book this week. I’m still working my way through Razzmatazz by Christopher Moore.

On Deck

We really need to watch Uncharted, Dog, and Cyrano so I can get them back to the library.

I need to finish or pause Razzmatazz so I can read Nomadland for book club.

TV will likely be more of the same.


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