Struggling to Get Back on Track

I returned from Kentucky late last Tuesday night. During the time I was in Kentucky all I wrote was the What’s on TV stuff. Those don’t take a lot of thought or time. I didn’t live on any sort of schedule. It was a nice break. Now I’m having trouble getting back on track.

During my first two days back I did a little around the house, but not a lot. I wrote some, but not a lot.

Friday I had two barn shifts and then mowed my yard. It was a long day.

Saturday we got the new washer, went to see Top Gun, and watched movies on Netflix while waiting for the time to pick our daughter up when she returned from Greece.

I thought I would get back on track this week, but things have happened to make that harder.

I did my first Monday morning facilities shift at the barn.

My wife left for a spur-of-the-moment business trip Tuesday morning.

My daughter is home and awake and downstairs earlier than normal.

I haven’t adjusted yet to the new normal that comes with all of this. It’s just easier to not do what I would normally do.

I need to get myself back on track.


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