The Washing Machine Saga

I mentioned in an earlier post(I think) that our washer was dying. The repairman who told us it wasn’t worth fixing also told us we could keep using it until we got a new one or it died. So, I did a few loads of laundry in the old washer hoping it wouldn’t die mid-wash.

While I was in Kentucky my wife ordered the new washer and it was delivered Saturday.

The delivery people showed up pretty early in the delivery window and got the washer hooked up pretty quick. Quick enough that we were able to make the 11:40 AM showing of Top Gun.

It seemed like our washer saga was over. Turns out we had one more day to go.

Sunday after my daughter made it home from Greece my wife was going to start the inaugural load in the new washer. She discovered that when set on cold the washer was filling with hot water. This led us to discover that our faucets in the laundry room are backward and, thus, the washer was hooked up backward. We fixed this and now the water temperature was right.

My wife started the load of laundry and left for the grocery store. I didn’t pay attention to it because she is very particular about the laundry. When she returned she discovered that the washer had not done anything while she was gone.

She messed with settings and such while I read the manual and still nothing. I thought maybe we had bought a dud and we would have to return it.

Eventually, she figured out it was user error. We forgot to turn the water back on after moving the hoses.

Turns out you need water to wash clothes.

Who knew?


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