Schedule Changes

Recently, the riding place where I volunteer sent out an email asking for volunteers to join the facilities team. They needed someone to work Monday mornings doing things like dragging the field, driving around with the water tank to fill water troughs, etc.

I volunteered, partly because I removed myself from Saturdays, assuming they would get a few volunteers and they would choose someone who had been around longer. I was either the only volunteer or they just took the first person who responded. I shadowed a facilities volunteer Friday morning and I will be working my first solo shift this morning as you are reading this.

This means I will be at the barn Monday, Tuesday, and Friday mornings from 7-10ish. That means I need to change when I write. I have a couple of options:

  1. Write mid-morning when I’m done and publish then, hoping the people who read my 8 am-ish posts eventually adjust and find me at the new time.
  2. Write mid-morning or afternoon and schedule the post to publish the next morning at 8.
  3. Wake up earlier and write the posts before my shifts and schedule them to post later the same morning.

I’m thinking #2 seems the most attractive choice. I just need to get myself adjusted to the new schedule.


8 thoughts on “Schedule Changes

  1. I’m a scheduler too. Sometimes I’ll tinker with it right up to publishing time, but usually it’s scheduled & forgotten about till I get a notification of a comment.

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