Being a Tourist Back Home in Kentucky

I spent the last 7 days at my brother’s house in Kentucky. While I was there I spent a little time acting like a tourist.

On my first full day there I drove to the county where I grew up. I stopped by my childhood home and took a picture(apparently, they were taking mine as well)

My childhood home

I then drove to the next town over to visit my sister at her office. I parked in front of the courthouse and realized I had never looked at the historical markers there. So, before walking to her office, I walked around and took some pictures.

The courthouse

I missed the fact that there was a news van outside the courthouse due to a terrible crime that was committed the night before at the library down the street. That’s a story for another day.

Saturday we were all heading to Central City, KY for my nephew’s wedding shower. My niece had run a 5K that morning and we had to head out early to pick her up. On the way there the logistics of where we had to pick her up changed and we had extra time.

We decided to go see the Everly Brothers Monument in Central City before the shower. I was expecting some sort of statue in a park. Instead, we found a memorial on a street corner and an attached Everly Brothers/Kentucky Motorsport Museum.

They had an old jukebox with 45s. It was mostly the Everly Brothers but also Paradise by John Prine. His family was from the area.

After the shower, some friends from high school actually agreed to be seen in public with me in my hometown.

The rest of the time was spent at the shower, hanging out at my brother’s pool, eating, and reading.

It was a good trip but I am happy to be home and to have spent in my own bed last night


6 thoughts on “Being a Tourist Back Home in Kentucky

  1. The list of things I’ve not done in London is very long. I’ve oft wanted a foreign visitor to give me an excuse to do it all. Glad you enjoyed your trip, but I totally get being happy being home in your own bed.

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