My Way Too Many Responses to Shootings

I never have posts scheduled in advance. I usually wake up and decide after my coffee where my writing will go for the day. Today is once again in the shadow of a mass shooting. I’ve written way too many posts in response to shootings. Instead of finding some new way to say the same thing, here is some of what I have written if you care to read.

Guns and Life: A Tater Rant

I’m Done: A Tater Rant

I Have no Words

Monday Morning in the Shadow of Hate

It’s Way Past Time For “Politics”

Too Close to Home

Somber Sunday

I would love to live in a world where there is never a reason to write any of this again. As long as we keep voting in the people who are beholden to special interest groups and care more about power than people, that will never happen.


10 thoughts on “My Way Too Many Responses to Shootings

  1. I really think we need to protect our schools. My kids high school had one entry with an armed guard. You had to show your ID through a metal fence before you were allowed in. That was after three students committed suicide within months of each other.


    1. I do deliveries once a week to two elementary schools. You have to press a button and they can see you in celery before opening the door. I’m shocked at the number of parents who will hold the door open for me if they are buzzed in and I’m approaching the door.

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  2. I read all your previous pieces on this subject and you’ve spoken most eloquently indeed on the subject. Oh but were that enough.

    A UK political activist I follow made a comment on Twitter about the shooting – the first time he’s strayed from UK matters – and commented later that he received all the levels of crazy in response, including many suggesting that if guns weren’t available freely to all, the British would then take over the US and impose a monarchy. As he said, that made it clear to him quite how difficult a task is facing the good people of America who oppose the gun lobby.

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