Tater on TV: NBC Announces Fall 22 Schedule

Both FOX and NBC have upfronts today. I will start with NBC since they actually completed the assignment and gave us an actual schedule. Schedule first and then thoughts.


8pm – The Voice

10pm – Quantum Leap – takes place 30 years after Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the accelerator and vanished. A new team has been assembled to restart the project in the hopes of understanding the mysteries behind the machine and the man who created it.


8pm – The Voice

9pm – La Brea

10pm – New Amsterdam – the final season


8pm – Chicago Med

9pm – Chicago Fire

10pm – Chicago PD


8pm – Law & Order

9pm – Law & Order: SVU

10pm – Law & Order: Organized Crime


8pm – College Bowl – The Peyton Manning hosted college quiz show

9pm – Datelne

Starting in November Friday will switch to

8pm – Lopez vs Lopez – George Lopez and his real life daughter Mayan Lopez about a working class family.

8:30pm – Young Rock

9pm – Dateline


8pm – Drama encores

9pm – Dateline Weekend Mystery

10pm – SNL Vintage

11:30pm – SNL


8pm – Sunday Night Football

Held for Midseason

Blacklist, American Auto, Grand Crew, That’s My Jam, The Wall, Night Court, The Wheel, Million Dollar Island, and LA Fire and Rescue.

Tater’s Thoughts

There is not a lot new on the schedule. NBC had good ratings and did not join in the killing spree with CBS and CW.

I’m excited about the new Quantum Leap. I loved the original and I’m glad this one is a continuation and not a full reboot. It has a god time slot, so it has a decent chance of survival if it doesn’t suck.

I’m sad Night Court is being held for midseason. It is the other one that is a continuation of a show that I loved. John Larroquette is back Dan Fielding. Melissa Rauch plays the new judge who is the daughter of Judge Harry Stone.

I had my doubts about La Brea at the start, but I’m ready to watch a new season. It hooked me.


3 thoughts on “Tater on TV: NBC Announces Fall 22 Schedule

  1. Omg…same wavelength…as I was reading the top I was like oooh….loved Quantum Leap this should be cool, and ooooh…why holding off on night court….then I read your reactions…great minds…

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  2. I always liked the original Quantum Leap and Night Court. Funny that they’re new continuations are the most interesting things about the fall schedule.

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