Tater on TV: FOX Announces Fall 2022 “Portfolio”

FOX is the kid who knew they had a presentation due today and did not complete the assignment. There will be no schedule today. They will tell us what is scheduled to air, just not when they will air it. The actual schedule will be released later.

Here is what we know.

The following bubble shows were renewed today

911: Lone Star

Welcome to Flatch

Call Me Kat

Crime Scene Kitchen

The Masked Singer

Bubble Shows Not Yet Renewed


The Resident




Our Kind of People

New Shows

Alert – a procedural about a missing persons unit

Accused – a Michael Chiklis led crime anthology series

Monarch – the long-delayed country music soap

Fantasy Island – Season 2 moved from summer

Also, it was announced that Next Level Chef will get the post-Super Bowl slot.

Tater’s Thoughts

I’m glad Call Me Kat was renewed. I don’t watch it, but I hope that keeps Maxim Bialik from being the permanent full-time Jeopardy host.

I think Pivoting was better than Welcome to Flatch.

I will watch Accused because I watch most of what Chiklis does.

I’m glad Lone Star was renewed. I like that one a lot.

I’m hopeful we will get more of The Resident. It is my favorite medical show right now.


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