What’s Good in Tater Town 5/15/22

It was one last week of calm before a week of my MIL in town and my daughter’s college graduation. Let’s see if I can remember anything.

  1. My daughter went back to school Monday morning instead of Sunday night so we had an extra night to watch a movie together.
  2. Firehouse Subs is doing a promotion where each day certain names can get a free sub with purchase. My wife qualified Monday so we got subs for dinner.
  3. The weather worked out so that the rain didn’t make my barn shifts harder.
  4. I got the yard work done before the constant days of rain started again.
  5. I discovered that The Lost City was streaming on Paramount Plus so we watched it Friday night. That was much sooner than we expected it to be available.
  6. I had one day home alone this week to do stuff around the house that might be too noisy when someone is working from home.
  7. I still managed to get a walk in every day even with the rain.

That’s all I can think of this week. Hope yours was a good one.

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