Don’t Answer the Door

Earlier this week someone knocked on our front door. As usual, each of us reacted differently. I ignored it. My wife immediately came downstairs to answer the door. I had looked out at that point since I heard her coming down and saw that it was someone selling something and told her there was no reason to open the door.

The reasons I feel OK to not even look to see who it is:

  • No one I care to see ever drops by
  • If someone did decide to drop by, anyone I care to see could text me or message me on Facebook to tell me they are here
  • They would know to do this because anyone I care to see would know my car is in the driveway meaning I am likely home
  • If they don’t have my number or are not my friend on Facebook I probably don’t care to see them
  • I can look out a front window if they knock twice to see who they are
  • If it is a salesperson I feel OK ignoring them even if they see me look out the window
  • I have no obligation to talk to random people who knock on my door even if they know I am home

I know they have a job to do and sometimes I feel bad for them, but I’ve had way too many instances of the person refusing to take no for an answer. I’ve also had one person come around through my fence into my backyard to accost me while I was mowing. He still wouldn’t take no for an answer until I finally just told him to get off my lawn. After that, I was done trying to be nice.

I recommend never answering your door. I also recommend using the setting, if you have it, that sends all calls from numbers not in your contacts to voicemail. My life is much quieter this way.


7 thoughts on “Don’t Answer the Door

  1. This all sounds reasonable to me. I appreciated the impossibility of a random unknown visitor when I moved into a high-rise condo building.

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  2. I’m with you! I never answer either. We have too nany solar panel, pest control, or home security salespeople around here who go door-to- door, which I hate. I mean, if I want your service, I will call you. Don’t come to my door.

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