The Calm Before the Storm

I have been sitting here thinking again how it can be hard to be a blogger when you are boring. I was thinking about how not much is going on in my life and then I remembered that will all change soon and this is just the calm before the storm. Upcoming:

  • a week from today is my 30th wedding anniversary
  • the day after that my MIL arrives for a visit
  • the day after that is the first of my daughter’s college commencements
  • that same afternoon is her induction into Phi Beta Kappa
  • the next day is her second commencement
  • two weeks later I leave for a visit to Kentucky and my nephew’s wedding shower.
  • that same day my daughter leaves for Europe.
  • My son’s birthday is soon after we return
  • We then have our family trip to Kentucky in July
  • at the end of July, we move our daughter out of her apartment and back into our house for now.

So, my days of thinking nothing much is happening will be coming to an end. I should try to enjoy them while I can.


6 thoughts on “The Calm Before the Storm

  1. Do you feel bored with your life, or is it more a case of comparisonitis? There’s place in life – as in blogland – for the simple & quiet life, as well as the busy.

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  2. It’s really difficult to change mindset away from valuing what we used to do, to giving validation to a new form of normal. That’s something I struggled with in the early days of working from home. Maybe your therapist could do some re-framing work with you?

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