Maybe I Should Start a Dream Journal

My therapist has recommended I do a daily journal of my thoughts in addition to the blogging. She thinks writing some of my thoughts and feelings down even if it is in a private journal would be good for me.

Yesterday, I said something about some anxiety I was having about an upcoming event and she recommended I put it in my notes on my phone so I have it as a reminder. I have not done so yet.

I don’t think we’ve talked much about dreams. I don’t think the subject of a dream journal has ever come up. Lately, though, I’ve been thinking I should start writing my dreams down as soon as I wake up.

I’ve been having some odd dreams lately and many of them I can tell are related to things that are contributing to my anxiety. By late morning I can’t recall most of the details of the dream. All I have left are the feelings and an undercurrent of anxiety. I think it would helo to write down the details so I can remember what is causing this undercurrent.

Sometimes the dreams seem so real that I remember them but they almost feel like real life. Last night, I was 100% sure I had closed the bedroom window when it started raining. When the rain got really hard and woke us up I even told my wife I had closed the window already. But then I looked at the window and it was open. I think I could pass a lie detector test swearing I closed that window.

I had a dream years ago that I participated in a TV show. I know I never did that. but the dream was so vivid and realistic that today it still feels more like a memory than a dream. I’m always worried that someday I will tell people I was on the show even though everyone knows that isn’t true. It seems that real.

Others aren’t this vivid, but I think I could benefit from remembering the details of the dream. I need to write them down while they are still fresh in my mind.

Has anyone out there ever kept a dream journal? Was it worth it?


8 thoughts on “Maybe I Should Start a Dream Journal

  1. I rarely remember my dreams, so no. But I think a dream journal is a brilliant idea. Matt has been blogging about some of his dreams and it’s really fascinating. In general I think journaling is a great idea, or any way of putting thoughts on paper. If I happen to remember a dream I jot it down

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  2. Keeping a dream journal could be interesting at the least, but possibly prove helpful in analysing your feelings. As you know, the key is to write them down immediately, so you don’t forget them. I used to have no dream recall (due to a vitamin deficiency) and it was hugely disconcerting & distressing to wake up with the emotions without having any recall about why I was feeling them, so I was grateful to find the solution.

    You may find the Morning Pages process provides you with a regular pathway to writing about your emotions (as well as any & everything else). Like daily blogging, the more habitual it is, the easier it is to keep it going.

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  3. I like the idea of remembering my dreams. I haven’t kept a dream journal but if I ever want to remember a dream, the first thing I do when I wake up is to recollect my dream backwards. This helps me to remember what happened and it is a fun activity to do!

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