A Lazy Week

This is my third week in a row where I am home alone for at least three days. My wife was in Austin, Kansas City, and now Charlotte for work.

The last two weeks I worked at the barn, I went to a lunch and learn at the barn, I did yard work, and I did a lot of cleaning. I didn’t let myself relax past day one of being alone.

Now, week three. I’m exhausted. I’m tired of being alone. I’m bored. I need a break.

I’m taking the three days off instead of constantly finding things to do. I still did my barn shift yesterday and I’m still doing my backpack deliveries to the schools tomorrow, but that is about it. I might do a few small things here and there, but not much else.

I will try to finish my book for book club tomorrow night.

I will walk the dog.

I might take a walk in the nature preserve.

I will watch TV.

I might take a nap.

Maybe a rest week and then the transition back to not being home alone will refresh my mind and I will not struggle to write moving forward.

Speaking of writing – here is my Medium post from earlier in the week inspired by my work with the goats.

Being a Goat in a World of Horses


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