Talking to Animals

My cat trying to steal my lunch

On the same topic as yesterday – I spend more time talking to animals these days than I do talking to people.

I thought about this last night when my dog wanted to go out during Survivor and I was telling her how had her timing was.

I tell Abigail, the goat, that she’s being rude when she head butts Bernard out of the way to eat out of his food dish.

I’m constantly telling horses to move over, while physically moving them, so I can clean where they are standing.

I talk to the horses as I’m putting on their halters. Either because they are being very good or making my job harder.

I talk to the horses when I am getting them to pick up their feet so I can pick their hooves.

I talk to my dog about how her schedule is off when she starts begging for a walk earlier than usual.

I rarely talk to the cats because they generally ignore me, even when I’m home alone.

I can spend hours at a time without speaking to another human.

The animals are better listeners anyway.


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