I am at the barn three days a week. Each of those days now one of my first jobs is feeding the younger goats. On good weather days we then herd all of the goats out to their larger field area.

Three different people have now referred to me as the goat whisperer which is why the goats are always my job when I arrive.

I don’t think I am any better with the goat than most people. I think the only difference is that I am happy to work with the goats while other people see them as a chore.

Of course, the more I am with them, the better I am with them through experience and familiarity. Yesterday, someone went with me to help distract the big goat while I got the littles out to feed them. Even with another person at the fence shaking a bucket of food, every goat followed me when I went into their enclosure Maybe I am the goat whisperer?

Leave it to me to work at a horse place but become known for working with goats.

6 thoughts on “Goats!

  1. I love it! You started my day with a chuckle 🙂

    I used to be known as someone who could talk to cats (and so train them). I’ve not had a cat for a long while, now they just ignore me the same as everyone else. I suspect you being around them regularly and being clearly happy to be there works in your favour. Just like me and cats. Neither of us is crazy – honest 😉

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