A Tale of Two Visits: A Customer Service Fail

I was struggling with what(or if) to write today when I read LA’s post for today and it reminded me of a story from my college days.

It must have been close to Christmas or my girlfriend(now wife)’s birthday. I was in the process of trying to get a decent gift for her even though I was poor and she was and still is a very hard person for whom to shop. Somehow, I had settled on buying her a nice globe. I’m assuming she must have mentioned it. I can’t imagine how I would have come up with that otherwise. This leads me to the story.

There was a leather place near my apartment that had globes. I planned to go there to take a look. The day I decided to browse came after I had been sick for a few days. I woke up that weekend feeling better, but still too tired to deal with shaving and such. My hair looked like it does in the below picture. I had several days of stubble. I put n jeans and my denim jacket(I was very cool) and headed out.

As I browsed the store, not one person who worked there said a word to me. They helped other customers, but I was ignored. I guess I looked too poor to be able to afford anything in the store. I browsed. I found an option but decided to look elsewhere before buying anything.

It turned out, unfortunately, that the globe I found there was the best option. The next time I had a chance to go in was right after church. This time I was clean-shaven. I was wearing a suit. My hair was probably in better shape. As soon as I walked in everyone wanted to help me. it was obvious the last time I was there I was judged based on my clothes and my stubble.

Looking back, I wish I had said something about my first visit. Or, I wish I had gone back a third time as the grungy college student to make the purchase. But I was a quieter person with less self-esteem back then so I just quietly bought the globe and left.

I hate places that judge customers on their appearance and these days would find another option instead of shopping there.

9 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Visits: A Customer Service Fail

  1. Yes, Himself & I have had the same experience in camera shops. Our weekend clothing is casual, his positively scruffy, so there’s a presumption that we’ve not got the money to spend. The only place we shop treats everyone equally, regardless of how they look. We use the places where we’re ignored to browse without interruption (because they’re closest to where we live), then spend our money (a long drive away) where we’re treated right. It makes me mad, and you think people would’ve learned from watching Pretty Woman!

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  2. It happens all the time. It’s awful, the judging by appearance that goes on. Imagine if you were a black person. What would your story have been for the first visit?

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  3. Definitely I can’t stand being judged to this day by store clerks. In college, I wanted to write a check for groceries at a major grocery store and got denied that right. I was in shorts and a tee shirt.

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  4. Same thing happened to my Dad back in the day in a Jewelry store, he walked in wearing sweat pants and a tee shirt, he was ignored by all but one saleslady. The other saleslady laughed at her “poor judgement”. A guy dressed to the nines walked in and the other lady pounced on him, he was looking to get an engagement ring. My Dad bought an expensive necklace with cash, the other guy was hoping for a payment plan.

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    1. The last time I saw the one millionaire I’ve met in real life(not celebrities at events) he was standing in the parking lot of a convenience store wearing jeans and a cap while drinking a cup of cheap coffee. You can’t judge wealth based on appearance.

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