When You Don’t Know What Day It Is

I have spent most of the morning thinking tomorrow is Friday. I have to keep reminding myself that it is not. This was common when everything was shut down. It is not as common these days. What has contributed to my confusion?

  • I’m old
  • I didn’t have my Tuesday barn shift yesterday
  • I haven’t talked to another human since Sunday afternoon
  • I’ve been watching baseball instead of my regular TV shows
  • My wife left for her work trip on Sunday when she normally leaves on a Monday
  • She’s coming back tonight when she normally stays longer
  • I spent most of yesterday deciding I would mow on Wednesday and then mowed yesterday instead
  • Poor sleep
  • Then waking up 90 minutes later than usual
  • I’m old

So, don’t be surprised if I accidentally write my normal Friday post tomorrow.

This glimpse into my head is brought to you by me being too tired to write anything substantial.


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