Overwhelmed For No Reason

But first an ad. I wrote the below on Medium yesterday. I’m trying to do less importing from here and more writing specifically to Medium(though I might cheat one more time today and import over a post from a year ago that popped up in my memories) Click! Read!

I decided to use yesterday as more of a rest day. I took two walks with the dog. I watched TV shows I had recorded. I read some of my book. I started thinking maybe I needed to switch books. I watched part of the Braves game.

I planned to do yard work today. It has been raining off and on all morning so I will probably wait for tomorrow now.

That means I should shift some of what I planned for tomorrow to today. Either the library visit or cleaning. I have my weekly appointment at 11 so anything I do will have to wait until after I walk the dog and eat lunch.

Whatever I don’t do today either gets pushed to the same day as the yard work or Thursday or Friday.

It doesn’t matter at all if I get everything done except that I decided I wanted to get it done before my wife was back from her trip.

I’m already tired from thinking about how and where to fit things into my days. There is no reason for this. I have complete control over my schedule. I’m overwhelmed for no reason.

One of the perks of my anxiety issues.

Yay me.

5 thoughts on “Overwhelmed For No Reason

  1. Anxiety is an almost swine. I never understood just how debilitating it was until I experienced it myself. I take my hat off to you managing it to get anything done at all living with that.

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