My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 4/8/22

I almost didn’t have a book to write about this week. I finished the book I was reading last night. It was close.


I watched one movie this week: RV with Robin Williams. It was on one of the random movie channels I have. I was looking for something to watch that didn’t need my full attention. RV won. Robin Williams stars as Bob Munro. Cheryl Hines plays his wife. He cancels his family trip to Hawaii and instead rents an RV to drive to Colorado where he secretly plans to participate in a sales pitch for work. The family bickers. They have a lot of issues with the RV. They meet an odd RV couple played by Jeff Daniels and Kristin Chenoweth. It has a happy, sappy ending. But, Robin William is great in everything.


We watched the first episode of Rat in the Kitchen on TBS. It is a cooking show where six contestants cook specific meals for Chef Ludo Lefebvre and host Natasha Leggero. They rotate through the kitchen, all working on all of the dishes. When the dishes are presented, they place money values on them. If they are good, the money goes to the chef bank. If it has been sabotaged by the rat, it goes into the rat bank. At the end of the episode, each person votes for who they think is the rat. If they are right, they split the chef bank. If they are wrong, the rat gets the rat bank. The rat won the first episode.

I started watching all of the episodes of B Positive we had on the DVR after my son said he would probably not watch them. I finished season one. It is a pleasant show. I will be interested to see how the new season is since the kidney transplant story is over and now it will be about Gina owning the senior center where she works.


I finsihed one book this week. Technically, it was two.

The Rebel Mages by Laurie Forest – Rebel Mages contains two novellas that are prequels to The Black Witch – you can read what I wrote about the series here.

The first novella is Wandfasted. It tells the story of how the parents of the main character from The Black Witch met. It was more romance than a fantasy novel, but as someone who read the series, I enjoyed reading about the characters we had not met before.

The second novella is Light Mage. It tells the story of Sage Gaffney, the mage who possessed the White Wand before the Elloren, the main character in the series. It gives us a glimpse into how the Gardnerians had started to oppress all of the other races after they took power and the beginnings of the resistance.

I enjoyed the stories, but I felt like Light Mage was a bit too long.

On Deck

I have The Last Duel and Last Night in Soho on DVD. I hope to watch at least one of them.

The American version of Would I Lie To You? is on tomorrow night. I have no illusions that it will be as good as the British version. I will probably wait to watch it with my daughter.

I am reading Booth by Karen Joy Fowler.


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