Another List of People Who Annoy Me

I once did a list of the pandemic people who annoyed me. Today I have a short list of people in every day life who annoy me.

Know-It-Alls – I’m running into a few of these at my work in the barn. Volunteers who have been there longer than the rest of us and want to make sure we all know they know more than us. They boss people around even though they. aren’t in charge of anything. They love to tell people they are doing something wrong if they aren’t doing exactly like them. It can make for a less than pleasant work experience.

The “I Didn’t Know That Was On” People – Almost every post about. TV show on social media has someone who comments “That show is still on?” It is very important to them that everyone knows they are too good for such a show. This gets amplified when awards shows air. Will Smith slaps Chris Rock and people fall all over each other rushing to make sure we know this is the only reason they knew the Oscars were on. Now, not knowing the Oscars was on does not necessarily make you a pretentious asshole. but spending all day on social media telling people this might.

The “Please Retweet this if You Still Wear a Mask” People – This trend has helped me clean up my Twitter feed. I unfollow anyone who tweets or retweets it. I have no problem with mask-wearing. I think we need to get to a point where we stop judging each other for our masking decisions. If you want to wear a mask even if the CDC says it isn’t necessary for your area that is your decision. What I hate are the pretentious tweets making sure we all know you think you are special and morally superior to those who are unmasked.

The “There Are More Important Things to Worry About” People – This also exploded in the wake of the Oscars. How dare we talk about Will Smith and Chris Rock when there is a war going on. Why are we talking about TV when bad things are happening? Why can’t you all be as great as me and only focus on the bad in the world? They never tell you how their refusal to discuss “trivial matters” is helping the world in any way.

Always the “I Don’t Have Time to Read” People – I have written about this one. It still bugs me. I am reading less these days but not because I don’t have the time. I’m just filling that time with other things. Most of those things are not world-changing things. I suspect this is true for these people as well.

People Who Engage in Comparative Suffering – I’ve also written about this one before. It is also one that has exploded recently. A person’s ‘trivial” problems should not be mentioned when worse things are happening. How can I be upset about anything when so many other people have it worse? I should count my blessings and stop whining about my “trivial” problems.

I think that will do it for now. I’m sure there are plenty more I could add.

What is annoying you these days?

7 thoughts on “Another List of People Who Annoy Me

  1. Trouble is that nowadays on social media, as soon as you voice an opinion on anything, others will disagree with you. That is fine, until these people try to instigate an argument or discredit your choice.
    Good post.

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  2. With you every step of the way. I always think I’m a know it all until I meet someone who is really really a know it all. That’s actually a great idea for a blog

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