Lacking Anticipation

I’ve officially hit a time of the year where I have nothing of note to look forward to until late May.

We have passed the family birthdays. My daughter’s spring break is almost over. I no longer attend the library conferences that are happening now and then again in mid-May. We don’t do anything special for Easter.

The next big event we have is my daughter’s college graduation in late May.

We will go to Kentucky at some point this summer. I might make a second trip to a concert in my hometown.

We have a wedding in September.

Right now? After this weekend all I have on my calendar is hours at home, mostly alone, and shifts at the barn.

No trips. No fun outings. No friends.

And not much I can do to change that besides finding little trips and walks to do while my wife is working.

This is when I really need to watch my moods. I can easily start to slide into the negative when I have nothing good on the horizon.


6 thoughts on “Lacking Anticipation

  1. I hear you. This may not be very helpful, but you’re not alone in this. Maybe your therapist can offer some guidance on ways to deal with sliding into the negative, or maybe even avoiding it.

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  2. I suggest doing something special for Easter or any other day. Plan something special for Easter dinner. Or make reservations to go out. I find doing little things like that give me something to look foward to.

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  3. It’s so hard, even when you know what you need to do. I’m just coming out of a bad few weeks and two things have helped – returning to my daily walks and working with a coach. The coaching helps as its focus is on taking action in order to achieve a specific outcome, rather than being about how to avoid a negative, if you see what I mean. But if you’d suggested I’d feel better if I got up & went for a walk a couple of weeks ago, I’d probably have growled at you 🙂

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