Participation Trophies, Jeff Foxworthy Jokes, and Being Mad About Everything

Jeff Foxworthy has a new Netflix special coming. Netflix tweeted the above to advertise the special. As is the norm for Twitter, people are angry.

People are angry that Foxworthy has a Netflix special in the first place. Apparently, they don’t realize they can just not watch it.

One person is mad that Bob Saget died and Jeff Foxworthy didn’t. If you wish a comedian dead because you don’t like his material seek professional help immediately.

People are angry about the joke in the picture. How dare Foxworthy makes fun of the concept of participation trophies! Tweet after tweet about it. To the point that Foxworthy is trending.

What I think about this:

  • It’s a fucking joke.
  • It’s an old, boring joke.
  • By tweeting about it constantly, you are giving Foxworthy and the special tons of free publicity. I wouldn’t even know about the special if y’all weren’t so angry about it.
  • People seem to hate him and get irrationally angry about a stupid joke because they perceive him as a conservative.
  • Conservatives do the same thing when the joke is told by someone they perceive as liberal.
  • We all need to lighten up.

Participation Trophies

I don’t have an issue with giving a kid a ribbon or something to reward them for participating.

Effort should be rewarded.

I do think that we need to reward the kid who wins or places more than the kids who just show up.

Achievement should be rewarded.

I don’t see why this would warrant hours of discussion on Twitter.

I don’t see why a joke about participation trophies would make people angry.

I don’t see how an antiquated Jeff Foxworthy joke ended up prompting me to write a blog post.


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