My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 3/18/22

Welcome to the late edition of my weekly recap. I might just start writing this sometime in the afternoon on Fridays after I finish work at the barn. I guess we will see if anyone reads it this late and go from there.


I still did not watch a movie this week. My son is very disappointed in me for not watching Free Guy yet.


My TV week was once again an effort to try to clear space on my DVR.

Single Drunk Female’s season finale was on last night. It is a very good show. I hope it gets renewed.

From on Epix is a very good horror TV show. People traveling in random places all end up driving into a strange town they can’t leave. The town is surrounded by monsters that come out at night and kill anyone who is not inside.

The Resident Alien mid-season finale was on this week. It has become one of our favorite shows. Alan Tudyk is great as always. I like that we are getting to see more of the townspeople this season.

I thought the next few weeks would be all about basketball but Kentucky lost last night so my excitement for the tournament is not as high as it was.


I finished one book this week.

Image from Amazon

The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes – This is the sequel to The Inheritance Games. Tobias Hawthorne has left his entire fortune to virtual stranger Avery instead of his daughters or grandsons. He left behind clues to a game that would explain the mystery. Thanks to a DNA test, Avery knows she is not related to the Hawthornes, but as secrets are revealed she begins to find the connection she has to the family.

I liked the first book in the series a lot. It took me a little longer to get into this one, but once the new slurs started to emerge I was hooked. There are some twists and turns I didn’t see coming. That is impressive for a book written for teens. I like the characters. There is romance for those looking for that with their adventure. I would recommend the series to everyone.

On Deck

My daughter will be home for spring break so we will be catching up on shows that she watches.

I will probably watch more basketball in an attempt to not let a UK loss steal the joy I usually find in March Madness.

I will watch Welcome to Flatch at some point.

I will also watch Beyond the Edge, the Survivor-light for celebrities.

I am reading The 22 Murders of Madison May by Max Barry.

2 thoughts on “My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 3/18/22

  1. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of the Max Berry book. I have enjoyed the other books by him that I’ve read.


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