Some Random Monday Thoughts as They Pop in My Head

Normally I would do my March Madness picks post today but I haven’t had time to study the brackets yet. That will come tomorrow.

My regular Tuesday appointment is today at 9 so I don’t have as much time this morning.

I’m working at the barn tomorrow from 7-10 so my bracket post will either be late or I will write it today and schedule it for tomorrow.

My son is going on a short trip for spring break. My daughter is planning a post-graduation trip. I need to go somewhere.

Someone who went to high school with my daughter has a Worlde-based Tik Tok and she has over 100,000 followers. Weird.

Someone else who lives on my street and went to high school with my son has 1.8 million Tik Tok followers. Even weirder.

I got a DM on Twitter yesterday from the author of the Black Witch. She read my article on Medium about her book and thanked me for it.

I’ve noticed I’ve started to consider gas prices when I think about doing random things. That is a sure sign prices are very high.

I was reading printing prices at my local library since my printer is out of ink and my wife likes printed versions of the brackets. it seems like if I go do it myself it is 20 cents a page and none free but if I do it wirelessly and then pick it up later the first 10 pages are free. This makes no sense. Why is the one that requires staff work free but the one I do myself not? Was it a Covid thing that never reverted back to normal? EDIT – turns out the first 10 are free no matter what due to a policy change

And I’m out. Happy Pi Day!


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