What’s Good in Tater Town 3/13/22

Let’s see if I can remember the week. I really need to start taking notes.

  1. Today is my daughter’s birthday. We will be going out to dinner to celebrate.
  2. This week started the period where a couple of days a week I will have basketball games on TV all day.
  3. Kentucky won one more game than Auburn in the SEC tournament.
  4. Even with the loss yesterday, they will still be a 2 seed in the NCAA tournament.
  5. Duke lost.
  6. Baseball is back!
  7. There were a couple of nice weather days before the snow.
  8. I used the snow as an excuse to stay home Saturday instead of working in the cold rain/snow.

That’s all I can recall from the week. Weeks are very uneventful when you rarely leave the house. Hope your week was a good one.

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One thought on “What’s Good in Tater Town 3/13/22

  1. Yesterday was a good day to stay home. It was so windy out here, along with the snow, which only amounted to about 2″-3″. The fierce winds and cold temps were horrible.

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